Andressa Marques Paiva, Life Coach

I provide individual counseling for kids, adolescents, and adults, specializing in Autism, Anxiety, ADHD, Depression, and Trauma.  I use a variety of approaches matching the client’s needs and my knowledge, but mostly Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Focused, and Self-compassionate training. 


I offer a compassionate, understanding, and non-judgmental space for my clients.I am bilingual in Portuguese and English.

I have completed my Masters Degree at University of St. Thomas and in the process of becoming a licensed professional counselor intern.  I am currently under the supervision of Mrs. Lorrianne Morrow. I graduated in 2015 from the Rio de Janeiro State University in Brazil with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and within my work there have extensive clinical experience with the neuropsychological approach as well as with the psychoanalytic approach.

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