Eynar Hernandez, LPC-Associate


If your life could do with a significant upgrade, you are definitely not alone!  All too often, we are faced with seemingly impassable roadblocks that stand between the life we are leading and the life we are seeking. 


As a therapist, I focus on clients' strengths while meeting each client's unique concerns and circumstances.  I work with clients to achieve meaningful life goals including: alleviating low mood/depression; overcoming worry/fear/anxiety; healing from past wounds; managing stress; building confidence and optimism; improving social and communication skills; breaking bad habits; and improving relationship satisfaction – just to name a few!


I strongly prefer science supported positive change strategies over strategies that "should" work in theory (which range from spot on to woefully misguided)! In contrast to my commitment to science, my approach is casual and is marked by warmth, humor, encouragement, plain speaking, and mutual collaboration.


As an undergraduate, I studied philosophy, theology, and psychology from both the University of Dallas and University of Houston Downtown and then went on to receive a masters in clinical psychology from the University of Houston Clear Lake. 


I served as research coordinator at Baylor College of Medicine, where I worked on a grant awarded by the Department of Justice to determine factors (cognitive and behavioral) that mediate recidivism in youth offenders. I then became the lead psychometrist at Neurocognitive Specialty Group and performed psychological testing on retired NFL players per NFL concussion settlement case. 

Hablo Español!