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The Katy Brain Clinic is a new division of LG Counseling, specializing in neurofeedback therapy, biofeedback & brain health testing & coaching

What is "brain health" & why is it important?

At the Katy Brain Clinic, we take a highly comprehensive approach towards evaluating our clients' brain functions from the macro- to the micro-level perspective, offering significant insight into how client's can improve themselves and often avoid costly medications and psychiatric treatment. Our evaluative approach is designed to setup custom-tailored neurofeedback training for our clients.


Ineffectively treated brain problems are expensive and painful. Poor brain health can lead to continued symptoms of ADHD/anxiety/depression/obsessive-compulsive disorder/sleep disorder, as well as under-achievement, relationship problems, ineffective medical treatment, costly residential treatment stays and permanent disabilities.


By conducting a comprehensive brain evaluation that includes "Brain Mapping" (QEEG), neurotransmitter/neurocognitive testing, neurofeedback brain training & brain health coaching, you can treat these issues effectively through neurofeedback training, lifestyle changes and nutritional supplementation.

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is where psychology and physiology meet together. By utilizing brainwave-training technology, Neurofeedback provides real-time information on an individual's physiological functioning. Training reconditions your brain to produce healthier cognitive patterns. Neurofeedback training can also be used as an alternative to medication in certain instances.


Technically speaking, Neurofeedback is brainwave training. Training teaches your brain to regulate neuronal patterns based on scalp sensor placement. With practitioner guidance and trainee learning, brain patterns will change over time. When clients report improvements, Neurofeedback can help quantify this.


Neurofeedback is non-invasive and nothing is introduced into your body. Therefore, there are typically no side effects.

What can Neurofeedback do for individuals?

Neurofeedback can decrease bothersome symptoms, such as:

ADD/ADHD   |   Anxiety   |   Depression

Fatigue   |   Sleep issues   |   OCD

Bipolar Disorder   |   Extreme emotion   |   Trauma

Want to increase peak performance?

As opposed to treating symptoms, peak performance training helps increase mental flexibility and can increase your mental perspective. It focuses on positive growth and personal development.


  • Go to the next level whether in the cognitive or performance arena.

  • Business executives, physicans, students, astronaunts, performers, and athletes have all found success.

  • Get that edge and be "in the zone."

Are there any other positive aspects of Neurofeedback?

  • Changing specific brain patterns can result in positive physical, emotional, and cognitive states.

  • You will be able to make normal transitions between brainwave states instead of being stuck in one state.

  • Improvements tend to be long-lasting if not permanent, and can be made in:

Neurofeedback and Counseling Combined

There is considerable research showing that counseling combined with Neurofeedback enhances overall results. Neurofeedback can help couples both individuals alike. Often couples tend to have communication problems. Since Neurofeedback helps enhance attention, the main culprits of communication problems (distractiability and inattention) can be decreased.

Watch this short video to learn the basic points of neurofeedback

"Neurofeedback treatment for many disorders such as ADHD, depression, anxiety, seizures, and others has been shown to be highly effective with long term lasting results. There are hundreds of published studies and several books demonstrating this."
Joel F. Lubar Ph.D., BCN
Professor Emeritus, University of Tennessee, Director Southeastern Biofeedback Institute, Director Brainfeedback Training Institute, BCIA Senior Fellow-EEG, QEEG Diplomat