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Couples Class


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Married, Dating or Engaged - this class is for you!




Take your relationship from good to great by joining our couple enrichment group using the PREPARE/ENRICH inventories. 

You and your partner will: 


  • Receive a comprehensive summary of your relationship strengths and growth areas*

  • Complete relationship exercises designed to improve important relationship skills

  • Learn major research findings on topics such as Personality, Stress, and Conflict

  • Have fun and connect with other couple


*Your Couple Report is confidential and any group discussion is optional


This program satisfies the Texas state requirements for the Prepare/Enrich Program, which confers a discount on a marriage license!*


*To satisfy Texas state requirements for Prepare/Enrich Program, classes

are 10 hours in total.


Inquire about our optional couples assessment as well!

Please call or fill out this form for inquiries.
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