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Family & Couples Therapy

Beautiful Young Couple
Family at a Beach

Family and Couples Therapy is intended for you and your loved ones to identify what is going well in the relationship and what needs to be improved.  It is an opportunity for your loved ones to receive education about your struggles in order for them to gain a greater understanding and identify ways to be more supportive to you. It is also a way to have a trained professional provide guidance about conflictual issues.


Family and Couples Therapy can help bring you closer to your loved ones if that is what you desire.  You decide who you would like to attend the session with you.  Only those persons that you have given consent can attend the session.


Below is a list of issues that Couples and Family counseling may help with:

  • divorce 

  • blended families 

  • parenting

  • conflict resolution

  • communication skills

  • strengthening emotional connections

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