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Self-Pay Rates

Clinical Intern/Life Coach: $65/individual session, $85/couples session

Licensed Associate (LPC Associate): $130/individual session, $150/couples session

Fully Licensed Therapist (LPC)/Professional Life Coach: $160/individual session, $180/couples session

Lorrianne Morrow, LPC-S, BCN, QEEG-DL, Owner: $175/individual session

Why Don't We Accept Insurance?

- Innovative Treatment: Our treatment approach integrates physiology with counseling services, offering a unique and forward-thinking approach.

- Faster Recovery: Patients experience faster and more effective recovery when we combine physiological interventions with therapy.

- Personalized and Efficient: Our approach is highly personalized, making therapy more efficient and effective for each individual.

- No Insurance Coverage: We do not accept insurance as our integrative approach is not covered by insurance providers.

- Protecting Your Privacy: We prioritize the confidentiality of your information and do not share confidential session notes with insurance companies.

- Avoiding Future Issues: Insurance diagnoses can affect your premiums and future treatment approvals. We aim to prevent such issues.

- Psychological and Physiological Focus: Our treatment goes beyond traditional talk therapy, incorporating the latest technology and knowledge about the brain/emotions.

How can I reduce the rate if I have a high-deductible?
Many of our clients with medium to high-deductible insurance plans have found it financially advantageous to pursue counseling with our highly qualified Clinical Interns/Licensed Associates.

Special Services Rates

Methods of Payment Accepted
LG Counseling accepts credit cards, debit cards, and health savings cards.

Untimely Cancellation & No Show Policy

If you are unable to attend your scheduled session, please contact our office as soon as possible to avoid any fees associated with an untimely cancellation or no show.  Failure to give at least 24-hours notice of cancellation of an appointment that is scheduled Tuesday THRU Saturday is considered an "untimely cancellation." If an appointment is scheduled on a Monday notice must be given by the previous Friday before 5 pm that the appointment needs to be canceled in order to not be considered an “untimely cancellation.”  A “no show” is when the client / authorized representative does not cancel nor attends the appointment.

Credit Card Policy
In accordance with our Untimely Cancellation and No Show Policy, LG Counseling retains all current and future scheduled clients' credit card information on file. The client's credit card will be billed up to 24 hours before services are rendered, or in the event that the client has an untimely cancellation or no-show without sufficient cancellation notice.

Payment Options and Policies

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