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Dedicated to providing the best mental healthcare

Premier mental healthcare provider in Katy and the Houston Heights.

Our goal is to provide exceptional client care for a variety of mental health-related services including Counseling, Neurofeedback, ADHD Assessments & more.


  • We have a highly trained professional team with a variety & depth of experience.

  • We offer services in English and Spanish. 

  • ​We offer competitive rates including reduced rates for Associates & Clinical Intern Therapists.

  • We accept most insurance plans.

  • We provide evening and weekend appointments, as well as Telehealth appointments.

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LG Counseling is excited to announce the launch of the Houston Brain Center. With offices in Katy & Houston, the Houston Brain Center specializes in Neurofeedback therapy & Brain Health Coaching. See more >>

We are the only board-certified neurotherapists in the Katy area.

  • Neurofeedback training can help with mood disorders, ADD/ADHD & performance issues.

  • It can be used as an alternative to medication in certain instances.

  • We are board certified by the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance.  See more >>

ADD/ADHD Assessments
Adolescent and adult assessments and reports
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Hardship Evaluations
Psychological evaluations for immigration cases
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"For over a decade, I had done talk therapy with numerous therapists seeking relief for agoraphobia and depression. Ms. Morrow suggested I try neurofeedback as an alternative that could help alleviate my symptoms. In less than six months, the depression I had suffered for my entire adult life had subsided, and I felt significantly more confident about myself, while experiencing less anxiety in public. I would not have believed these results were possible had I not experienced them firsthand, and would strongly recommend Neurofeedback to anyone suffering from depression."

Ben D.


"Many thanks to my therapist, who suggested a variety of new techniques that I use at home and at work to address situations that I have traditionally struggled with. Without your help I would not be where I am today!"

Jason S.

“I have been a client at LG Counseling for close to 2 years. Lorrianne has been fantastic - the best therapist I've ever had! Talk therapy with her has helped me with issues related to bipolar disorder and anxiety. After time in therapy, it also became clear that I had symptoms of ADHD. Lorrianne recommended Neurofeedback therapy in an attempt to avoid medication. Through the course of 30 sessions, my family and I have notice a major improvement. I am more content, more able to focus on tasks, more organized, and am a better listener. I also have more ability to see projects through to completion. I would recommend Lorrianne and her team of therapists to anyone - in fact, I already have!"

Anna K.


"Lorrianne was an amazing therapist and helped me overcome so much of what I had previously thought impossible to deal with... Thank you!!"

Susan M.

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